BeForU - 6Notes EP cover art
Mini Album by BeForU
Released March 3, 2007
Format CD, Digital download
Recorded 2007
Label Be+Wings Records
Producer Sotohana Risa, Kawai Shin, Baby Faze, Yoichi Sakai, Aiki Hisashi
BeForU Albums Chronology
Previous BeForU II
2nd Album (2006)
Next BeForU III ~Breaking into the Probability Changes~
3rd Studio Album (2007)
6NOTES is a mini album released by BeForU on March 3, 2007. Each track on the album is performed solo by each member. This album was available at BeForU performances and at their official website. As of February 29, 2008, is no longer available, it is considered hard to find.


  1. Aya (彩;Coloring) — Kosaka Riyu
  2. Hosori KusariSotohana Risa
  3. Luna+Tic FantasyArisawa Miharu
  4. RadianceShiraishi Noria
  5. FriendsKomatsu Yoma
  6. AlwaysMinami Sayaka

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