BeForU (Album)
Album by BeForU
Released November 28, 2003
Format CD Album
Recorded 2003
Length 54:03
Label Konami Multi-media
Producer Maeda Naoki, Ishikawa Takayuki
BeForU Albums Chronology
Next BeForU II 2nd Album
Singles from BeForU (Album)
1. true...

BeForU promoting the album

BeForU is the first album by BeForU it was released November 28, 2003. It is their highest selling album, it sold 20,000 copies.


  1. Chikara (LIVE BAND style)Kosaka Riyu
  2. ♥LOVE² Sugar♥Shiraishi Noria
  3. DIVE
  4. HimawariKosaka Riyu
  5. BABY LOVEShiraishi Noria
  6. LOVE♥SHINEKosaka Riyu
  7. BRE∀K DOWN! (LIVE BAND style)Kosaka Riyu
  8. Silvia Drive (extended) – Shiraishi Noria
  9. Firefly
  10. ☆shining☆ (LIVE BAND style)Shiraishi Noria, Kosaka Riyu
  11. SHOOTING STARKosaka Riyu
  12. TEARSShiraishi Noria
  13. true...(2003 album version)Kosaka Riyu
  14. GRADUATION~Sorezore no Ashita~ (unplugged version)

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