BeForU First Live at Zepp Tokyo 2006 is the first DVD released by BeForU.

It is their first live event. It contains solo songs from the members and songs from Riyu's first album Begin.


  2. KI・SE・KI
  3. DIVE 2006
  4. Firefly
  5. Freedom (album version) - Kosaka Riyu
  6. I am... (album version) - Arisawa Miharu
  7. Hatsukoi - Minami Sayaka
  8. ♥LOVE LOVE Sugar→♥ - Noria
  9. Eternal - Yoma<.small>
  10. Matenrou - Sotohana Risa
  11. LOVE♥SHINE - Kosaka Riyu
  12. ☆shining☆ - Kosaka Riyu & Noria
  13. Chikara
  14. Scenario - BeForU NEXT
  15. Himawari - Kosaka Riyu
  16. CANDY♥ - Kosaka Riyu
  17. Yakusoku
  18. BLACK OUT ~I want to be...!!
  19. BRE∀K DOWN!
  20. PEACE(^^)v (ENCORE)
  21. GRADUATION ~Sorezore no Ashita~ (それぞれの明日) (ENCORE)
  22. ENDING

Members Featured

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