5354beforuii cover
Album by BeForU
Released February 14,2006
Format CD Album
Recorded 2004-2006
BeForU Albums Chronology
Previous BeForU
1st Album (2003)
Next BeForU III ~Breaking into the Probability Changes~
3rd Album (2007)
Singles from BeForU II
BeForU II Promo

BeForU Promoting the Album

BeForU II is BeForU's 2nd studio album. It was released on February 14, 2006. It was the first album not to feature former member Maehara Shiyuna. It was also the first album to featured the second generation of BeForU.


  1. Scenario - Minami Sayaka, Sotohana Risa, Arisawa Miharu
  2. Freedom (Album Version) - Kosaka Riyu
  3. I am... (Album Version) - Arisawa Miharu
  4. Under the Sky ~SAYAKA's New solo version~ - Minami Sayaka
  5. KI・SE・KI (Album Version)
  6. Morning Glory
  7. Eternal Komatsu Yoma
  8. BLACKOUT ~I want to be・・・!! (Album Version)
  9. HONEY♂PUNCH Kosaka Riyu
  10. PEACE (^^)v
  11. Matenrou - Sotohana Risa
  12. DIVE2006
  13. Hatsukoi - Arisawa Miharu
  14. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Shiraishi Noria

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