BeForU promoting the album

BeForU III Breaking Into The Probability Changes is BeForU's third studio album. It was released on March 14, 2007. It was the last credited album for all members except for Riyu.

The first press edition came with one of two trading cards featuring 3 members each.



  1. Kagerou
  2. Boku no Naka ni Aru Boku janai Boku Dake no Boku to Boku
  3. Red Rocket Rising
  4. Get Set Go!!
  5. near me.
  6. 6Rainbow
  7. Love2Clutch
  8. Yamato Nadeshiko Damashi
  9. Sakura Mau Toki.
  10. Strike Party!!!
  11. Izayoi
  12. Kyou to Ashita to Shikakui Sora

Limited Edition DVD

  1. Red Rocket Rising (Music Clip)
  2. Strike Party!!! (Music Clip)
  3. Get Set Go!! (Live Clip)
  4. BeForU (Off Shot Clip)

Featured Members


  • This is the only BeForU album to have a limited edition.