Studio Album by Kosaka Riyu
Released June 11, 2004
Format CD Album
Recorded 2004
Length 59:27
Label Konami multi-Media
Kosaka Riyu Albums Chronology
Next every struggle
2nd Album (2008)

Kosaka Riyu promoting the album

begin is the first studio album released by Kosaka Riyu. It was released on June 11, 2004.

It contains covers of songs previously featured in Benami games and 3 original songs sung by Riyu.


  1. Begin
  2. Victory!!
  3. Lifeless
  4. Remember You...
  5. Speedy (Album Version)
  6. Glacial
  7. Kiss me
  8. White Season
  9. Dive to the night (TЁЯRA Works remix)
  10. Candy
  11. Don't Stop the music!!
  12. Sweetie (Album Version)
  13. Song for You (Album Version)
  14. Shining (Unplugged Version)

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