Believe In You (2003 Strings Version)
Believe In You 1
Single by Okada Yukiko
Native title Believe In You
Translation Believe In You
Released December 4, 2002
Format CD
Recorded 1984 (original), 2002 (strings)
Label Pony Canyon
Okada Yukiko Singles Chronology
Previous Hana no Image
9th Single (1986)

Believe In You (2002 Strings Version) is Okada Yukiko's tenth single, released after her death. It is a remake of the original 1984 song, which was originally released on the Okurimono album.


  1. Believe In You (2002 Strings Version)
  2. Believe In You (1984 Original Version)
  3. Believe In You (2002 Strings Version/Instrumental)

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