• Rutzuku

    i'm leaving for a while

    February 3, 2018 by Rutzuku

    So, next week i'm going to travel to japan for one month so probably i will barely update my favourite wikias here (surely nobody miss me but i want to tell everybody, because i have a lot of work to do in this website) (btw i will be attending necronomidol, koutei camera actress/drei, hamidasystem and dots shows) 

    see you soon 

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  • JoshuaJSlone

    On Suzuki Sayaka

    March 25, 2015 by JoshuaJSlone

    Back in summer 2012 after getting bit by the Jmusic bug but before seriously gravitating to Tsunku and Hello! Project, I browsed Amazon for what digital Japanese music they had. I had no iTunes account or wish for one all things being equal. I found this list a person had put together of various things that were available. One that caught my attention was for a Suzuki Sayaka release with a blurb including "Not for everyone--uber-cute voice singing to Nintendo-ish music" which caught my interest. I checked it out and was hooked. So weird but brought a smile to my face.

    This led to me searching for more information about her and finding... not much! Her career basically seemed to span 2002-2006, and she wasn't exactly a big hit so there wasn'…

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    So, um hi. I don't edit on this wiki, but I'm here on the behalf of Riyu-Hime / Riyu.

    I don't know exactly how to put this,  but Riyu won't be on the wiki for the year. She told me that she might be back around 2015-2016, but she's not too sure. She wanted for me to tell you guys. 

    Good luck Riyu!

    ~Aya: Mosumu4Ever~

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  • Riyu-Hime

    Hello! Online Stuff

    December 14, 2013 by Riyu-Hime
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  • Riyu-Hime

    Hello everyone. Or rather no one -_-

    I'm just putting this here because it needs to be done.

    This wiki is a lot of work. There is tons of stuff to write and upload. It makes me tired sometimes.

    But remember, other people can contribute to (hint, hint)

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