Cinderella 1
Studio Album by Okada Yukiko
Native title シンデレラ
Translation Cinderella
Released September 5, 1984 (LP + Cassette)
December 21, 1984 (CD)
September 16, 2015 (Digital Download)
Format LP, Cassette, CD, Digital Download
Recorded December 10, 1983 - 1984
Label Pony Canyon
Okada Yukiko Studio Albums Chronology
2nd Studio Album (1985)
Singles from Cinderella
1. First Date
2. Little Princess
Other Covers
Cinderella 2

Cinderella is Okada Yukiko's first studio album. The album reached #7 on the Oricon charts.

Cinderella Promo

Okada Yukiko promoting the album


Side A

  1. Sayonara Natsuyatsumi (さよなら・夏休み; Goodbye Summer Vacation)
  2. Little Princess (リトルプリンセス)
  3. Kare wa Hurricane (彼はハリケーン; He is the Hurricane)
  4. Oka no Ue no High School (丘の上のハイスクール; High School on the Hill)
  5. Soyokaze no Love Letter (潮風のラブ・レター; The Breezy Love Letter)

Side B

  1. Arashi no Naka no Cafe Terrasse (風の中のカフェテラス; Cafe Terrace in the Wind)
  2. Akogare (憧れ; Admiration)
  3. Plastic Girl
  4. Sonnet (ソネット)
  5. First Date (ファースト・デイト)

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