Yukiko FAIRY 1
Studio Album by Okada Yukiko
Native title フェアリー
Translation FAIRY
Released March 21, 1985 (Original)
September 16, 2015 (Digital Download)
Format LP, Cassette, CD, Digital Download
Recorded 1985
Label Pony Canyon
Okada Yukiko Studio Albums Chronology
Previous Cinderella
1st Studio Album (1984)
Next Jyuugatsu no Ningyo
3rd Studio Album (1985)
Singles from FAIRY
1. Futari Dake no Ceremony
Other Covers

Yukiko FAIRY 2

Yukiko FAIRY 3

FAIRY is Okada Yukiko's second studio album. The album reached #2 on the Oricon charts.


Side A

  1. Kaze no Mahou de (風の魔法で; The Magical Wind)
  2. Walking In The Moonlight
  3. Me wo Samashite, Darling (目をさまして、Darling; Time to Wake Up, Darling)
  4. Futari Dake no Ceremony (Album Version) (二人だけのセレモニー; A Couple's Ceremony)
  5. Mori no Fairy (森のフェアリー; The Forest Fairy)

Side B

  1. Oshare na Amaoto (おしゃれな雨音; Fashionable Rain)
  2. Stripe no Jealously (ストライプのジェラシー; Jealously of a Stripe)
  3. Lady Joker
  4. Anata wo Wasureru Mahou ga Areba (あなたを忘れる魔法があれば; The Magic you Forgot)
  5. Pop Up Lyceenne (ポップ・アップ・リセエンヌ)

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