Get set GO!! ~BeForU astronauts set~
599px-BeForU - Get Set Go!! ~BeForU Astronauts Set~
Single by BeForU
Released December 22, 2006
Format CD+DVD
Recorded 2006
BeForU Singles Chronology
Previous Red Rocket Rising
2nd Single (2006)
Next Strike Party!!!
45h Single (2007)
Get set GO!! ~BeForU astronauts set~ is BeForU's 3rd single and 2nd major single. It was released in CD+DVD format only. It came packaged with a BeForU T-shirt.



  1. Get set GO!!
  2. Red Rocket Rising (English edit.)
  3. Melody Life in the Rock solo by Noria
  4. Get set GO!! (instrumental)


  1. Red Rocket Rising (beatmaniaIIDX 14 GOLD PV)
  2. Making of R×3 "Red Rocket Rising"
  3. message from RIYU
  4. message from Noria
  5. message from YOMA
  6. message from SAYAKA
  7. message from LISA
  8. message from MIHARU

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BeForU promoting the single

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