Give Me Up
Give me up 1
Single by BaBe
Native title Give Me Up
Translation Give Me Up
Released February 21, 1987
Format EP Single, CD
Label Pony Canyon
BaBe Singles Chronology
Next I Don't Know!
2nd Single (1987)
Other Covers
Give me up 2

Give Me Up is BaBe's debut single.

Single Information

  • The A-Side is a cover of the song of the same name originally sung by Michael Fortunati.


  1. Give Me Up
  2. THEY DON'T KNOW ~Kanashimi wa asa no Shizuku no yo ni~ (THEY DON'T KNOW 〜悲しみは朝の雫のように〜; THEY DON'T KNOW ~The Morning Drops of Sadness~)

Featured Members


BaBe - Give Me Up (Music Video)04:11

BaBe - Give Me Up (Music Video)

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