Hazukashi Sugite
Hazukashi 1
Single by Minamino Yoko
Native title 恥ずかしすぎて
Translation Too shy, to say
Released June 23, 1985
Format EP Single
Recorded 1985
Minamino Yoko Singles Chronology
Next Sayonara no Memai
2nd Single (1985)

Hazukashi Sugite is Minamino Yoko's debut single.


  1. Hazukashi Sugite (恥ずかしすぎて; Too shy, to say)
  2. Sayonara, Natsu no Rise (さよなら夏のリセ; Goodbye, Summer Lycee)


Minamino Yoko - Hazukashi Sugite (Short Version)01:38

Minamino Yoko - Hazukashi Sugite (Short Version)

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