i-revo Music ICE Gentei Haishin Kyoku is Kosaka Riyu's first digital mini album.

It was available for download only through BeForU's i-revo website. Due to BeForU's disbandment, the album is no longer avaliable and very hard to find.


  1. Little Wings - 4:32
  2. Lum no Love Song (ラムのラブソング; Lum's Love Song) -1:13 - (Matsutani Yuko cover)
  3. Koi no Indian Ningyou (恋のインディアン人形; Indian Doll of Love) - 2:20 - (Rinrin Ranran Cover)
  4. Looking for love in You (AiMÉE Cover) - 1:13
  5. We Will Rock You (Queen Cover) - 2:20
  6. Little Wings (Bonus Track) - 4:46 - BeForU (May or may not be included on this album. Not enough information exists to know for sure. This song does exist though)

Performing Members


  • The album is usually referred to as Little Wings or Start up by fans.
  • This album has the same tracklist as her Pakedio Channel Vol 1 Album.