PIL AVCA-62112
Single by i☆Ris
Native title イチズ
Released May 22 2013
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2013
Language Japanese
Label DIVE II Entertainment
i☆Ris Singles Chronology
Previous Color
1st Single (2013)
Next §Rainbow
3rd Single (2013)
Other Covers

Product 1009068

Product 1009069

Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) is the 2nd single released by i☆Ris.


Type A & B CD

  1. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?)
  2. i☆Doloid
  3. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) (Instrumental)
  4. i☆Doloid (Instrumental)

Type A DVD

  1. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) (Music Video)
  2. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) (Off Shot Movie)

Type B DVD

  1. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) (Music Video)
  2. TV Anime "Mushibugyō" non teroppu ED eizō (TVアニメ「ムシブギョー」ノンテロップED映像)

Type C CD

  1. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?)
  2. i☆Doloid
  3. Get Over
  4. Ichizu (イチズ Ever?) (Instrumental)
  5. i☆Doloid (Instrumental)
  6. Get Over (Instrumental)

Featured Members


I☆Ris イチズ Spot00:16

I☆Ris イチズ Spot

I☆Ris 2ndシングル「イチズ」紹介03:22

I☆Ris 2ndシングル「イチズ」紹介

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