Jack Knife no Natsu
Jack knife no natsu 1
Single by Hori Chiemi
Native title ジャックナイフの夏
Translation Jack Knife's Summer
Released April 21, 1986
Format EP Single
Hori Chiemi Singles Chronology
Previous Yumesenbyou
17th Single (1986)
Next Natsu Saki Musume
19th Single (1986)
Other Covers
Jack knife no natsu 2

Jack Knife no Natsu is Hori Chiemi's eighteenth single.


  1. Jack Knife no Natsu (ジャックナイフの夏; Jack Knife's Summer)
  2. Heartbreak Rhapsody (ハートブレイクRhapsody)


Hori Chiemi - Jack Knife no Natsu (Short Version)02:53

Hori Chiemi - Jack Knife no Natsu (Short Version)

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