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Limited Edition
Single by Idol Yokai Kawayushi♥
Native title カワユシ♥アラワル
Released November 5, 2013
Format CD Single, CD+DVD
Recorded 2013
Producer Kosaka Daimaou[1]
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Limited Editon A

Limited Edition B

Limited Editon C

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Limited Edition D

Limited Edition E

アイドル妖怪カワユシ♥「カワユシ♥アラワル」MV(Full Version)05:00

アイドル妖怪カワユシ♥「カワユシ♥アラワル」MV(Full Version)

Kawayushi Arawaru (MV)

Img IdolYokaiKawayushi

Idol Yokai Kawayushi Promoting the Single

Kawayushi♥Arawaru is the major debut single by Idol Yokai Kawayushi♥. It was released on November 5, 2013 in 6 editions.

The member who had the most purchased copies of her edition would be featured as the center in the next single, the winner was Kawamura Nanaka.[2]



  1. Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ アラワル)
  2. Boku Dake no Megami (僕だけの女神)
  3. Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ アラワル) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition CD

  1. Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ アラワル)
  2. Boku Dake no Megami (僕だけの女神)
  3. Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ アラワル) (Remix)
  4. Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ アラワル) (Instrumental)
  5. Boku Dake no Megami (僕だけの女神) (Instrumental)


  1. Making-of (メンバー各5人の撮り下ろしイメージ・ビデオ+ジャケット撮影風景)

Featured Members


  • Song composer Maeyamada Kenichi commented on the single, “Kawayushi Arawaru” features a good old 80′s sound, homage to the great 90′s J-pop producer Tetsuya Komuro, 00′s R&B flavor, and 10′s current sound at the same time. Shouting and singing of the five rich personalities are on top of those foundations.[3]

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 11 - 31 - 18 - 21 4,932

Total Copies Sold: 4,932


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