Kitto Wasureru Kara
Kitto wasureru kara
Single by Matsumoto Iyo
Native title きっと忘れるから
Translation Surely I Forgot
Released December 16, 1990
Format CD
Label Victor
Matsumoto Iyo Singles Chronology
Previous Kanashikute Yarikirenai
24th Single (1989)
Next Watashi no koe wo Kiite
26th Single (2009)

Kitto Wasureru Kara is Matsumoto Iyo's twenty fifth single.


  1. Kitto Wasureru Kara (きっと忘れるから; Surely I Forgot)
  2. La Primeur
  3. Kitto Wasureru Kara (Karaoke)
  4. La Primeur (Karaoke)

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