Album by Suzuki Sayaka
Released November 21, 2005
September 6, 2006 (Digital)
Format CD, digital
Length 23:33
Label Ace music, exp.
Producer Masuda Takeshi
Suzuki Sayaka Albums Chronology
Previous Doremi 4th Album (2005)
Next MY STORY 6th Album (2006)
LISTEN, is the fifth album released by Suzuki Sayaka.


  1. Ichigo Cake (いちごケーキ; Strawberry Cake)
  2. Ningyou (人形; A Doll)
  3. Yozora no Sanpo (夜空の散歩; A Walk in the Nightsky)
  4. Kishaninotte (汽車に乗って; Ride on a Train)
  5. Ribbon (リボン)
  6. Chiisana Tegami (小さな手紙; Little Letter)
  7. Mujuuryoku (無重力; Zero Gravity)
  8. Tulip (チューリップ)
  9. Ano ne, (あのね、; Listen,)
  10. Very Sweet

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