Little Glee Monster
9thMain Asha
September 2017
Origin Japan
Genre J-Pop
Years Active 2013-Present
Website Official Website
Current Members Hasegawa Serina
Kobayashi Asahi
Yoshida Mayu
Koga Karen
Fukumoto Manaka
Former Members Sakamoto Yuka (2013)
Yoshimura Rina (2013)
Arai Maju (2017)


Lgm a

June 2017

Lgm jm shugo 1 2s

January 2017

Little Glee Monster - My Best Friend promo

May 2016

Little Glee Monster - Colorful Monster promo

January 2016

4th main

September 2015

250px-Little Glee Monster - Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri promo (1)

July 2015

Lgm 2nd asha main

April 2015

Little Glee Monster - Houkago High Five promo

October 2014

Little Glee Monster is J-Pop group consisting of strong singers. It was formed in late 2013.


Current Members

Former Members

  • LINA (Withdrew July 2013)
  • Yuka (Withdrew October 2013)





Digital Singles


  • [2015.04.01] Watashi to Drecom 2 -Drecom Wonderland 2015 Kaisai Kinen BEST COVERS- (#10 Asa ga Mata Kuru)

Video Releases

External Links

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