Album by Suzuki Sayaka
Released August 17, 2006
September 6, 2006 (Digital)
Format CD, digital
Length 25:00
Label Ace music, exp.
Producer Masuda Takeshi
Suzuki Sayaka Albums Chronology
Previous LISTEN, 5th Album (2005)
Next chiptune special selections 1st Best Album (2006)
MY STORY is the sixth and so far last original album released by Suzuki Sayaka.


  1. Nisagari Godanmatsu (二下がり五段松)
  2. Meiro (迷路; Maze)
  3. My Story (マイ・ストーリー)
  4. Sakura (さくら; Cherry Blossom)
  5. Houseki (宝石; Jewel)
  6. (I'm so)HAPPY
  7. Tanuki no Uta (タヌキの歌; Tanuki Song)
  8. Tenshi (天使; Angel)
  9. Nijiiro (虹色; Rainbow Color)
  10. Pikapika no Mangetsu (ピカピカの満月; Shiny Full Moon)
  11. Koori no Yaiba (氷の刃; Gleaming Sword)
  12. Uniform (ユニフォーム)

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