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Naoki Maeda

Maeda Naoki (前田尚紀) is a member of TЁЯRA. He is also the producer for BeForU and has also written many songs featured in Benami line of games.


  • Name: Naoki Maeda (前田尚紀)
  • Stage Names: Ω, 8bit, 18o, 190, 190', 200, BLUE DESTROYERS, d-complex, D.J. RICHfeat.TAILBROS, DE-SIRE, DIVAS, FACTOR-X, KTZ, Luv UNLIMITED, mitsu-O!, N&S, N.M.R., NAOKI, NAOKI 190, NAOKI underground, NM, NO.9, NW260, RE-VENGE, Stone Bros., UZI-LAY
  • Birthday: April 28, 1969 (1969-04-28) (age 49)
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Taurus Taurus
  • Likes: Entertainment, Active Work, Los Angeles, Spring, Summer, Personal Work
  • Dislikes: Subordination, Negative, Fool, Jealousy, Selfishness, Quietness, autumn, winter
  • Hobby: Everything considered interesting

This interview is featured in the instruction book of DDR MAX

  • Favorite Instrument: Piano, electric guitar and synthesizer
  • Favorite Music Style: Dance & Club music, rock, ballad, R&B, etc.
  • Favorite Music Producer of Artist:
    • Producers: Dallas Austin, William Orbit, Rodney Jerkins, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, BABYFACE
    • Artist: Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Undrworld, Limp Bizkit, SASH!, Ian Van Dahl, The Brilliant Green, Hikaru Utada, etc.
  • Favorite Benami song you have written: DESTINY, CANDY♥, BALLAD FOR YOU, L'amour et la liberte. I love these for songs for now

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Maeda Naoki isn't a vocalist but is still credited under TERRA.



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