Make it!
Make It! single cover
Regular Edition
Single by i☆Ris
Released August 20 2014
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2014
Language Japanese
Label DIVE II Entertainment
i☆Ris Singles Chronology
Previous Itazura Taiyou
5th Single (2014)
Next Miracle☆Paradise
7th Single (2014)
Other Covers
Make it! Limited
Limited Edition

Make it! is the 6th single released by i☆Ris and also their 1st PriPara related single.


Regular Edition


  1. Make it!
  2. Yume no Tsubasa (ユメノツバサ Wing of Dreams?)
  3. Secret Pure Love
  4. Make it! (Instrumental)
  5. Yume no Tsubasa (ユメノツバサ Wing of Dreams?) (Instrumental)
  6. Secret Pure Love (Instrumental)

Limited Edition


  1. MMake it!
  2. Yume no Tsubasa (ユメノツバサ Wing of Dreams?)
  3. Make it! (Instrumental)
  4. Yume no Tsubasa (ユメノツバサ Wing of Dreams?) (Instrumental)


  1. Make it! -Music Video-
  2. Make it! -Off Shot Movie-

Featured Members


I☆Ris Make it! Spot00:16

I☆Ris Make it! Spot

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