Okurimono I 1
Best Hits Album by Okada Yukiko
Native title 贈りもの
Translation The Gift
Released November 28, 1984 (LP)

December 5, 1984 (Cassette)

Format LP, Cassette
Recorded 1984
Label Pony Canyon
Okada Yukiko Best Hits Albums Chronology
Next Okurimono II
2nd Best Hits Album (1985)
Other Covers

Okurimono I 2

Okurimono I 3

Okurimono is Okada Yukiko's first best hits album.


Side A

  1. First Date (ファースト・デイト)
  2. Soyo Kaze wa Peppermint (そよ風はペパーミント The Breeze is a Peppermint)
  3. Little Princess (リトル プリンセス)
  4. -Dreaming Girl- Koi, Hajimemashite (-Dreaming Girl- 恋、はじめまして Pleased to Meet You, Love.)
  5. Kimagure Teenage Love (気まぐれ Teenage Love Unusual Teenage Love)

Side B

  1. Koi no Doubles (恋のダブルス Love of Doubles)
  2. Believe In You
  3. First Date (Karaoke; Cassete Only)
  4. Little Princess (Karaoke; Cassete Only)
  5. -Dreaming Girl- Koi, Hajimemashite (Karaoke; Cassete Only)

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