Realize! cover 2
Type A
Single by i☆Ris
Released 18 February 2015
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2015
Language Japanese
Label DIVE II Entertainment
i☆Ris Singles Chronology
Previous Miracle☆Paradise
7th Single (2014)
Next Dream Parade
9th Single (2015)
Other Covers
Realize! cover 1
Type B

Realize! is the 8th single released by i☆Ris and also their 3rd PriPara related single.


Type A


  1. Realize!
  2. Mirai no Namae (ミライノナマエ Future Name?)
  3. Realize! (Instrumental)
  4. Mirai no Namae (ミライノナマエ Future Name?) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD

  1. Realize! -Music Video-
  2. Realize! -Off Shot Movie-

Tpye B

Limited Edition CD

  1. Realize!
  2. Mirai no Namae (ミライノナマエ Future Name?)
  3. Waku Doki Shitai! (わくドキしたいっ!?)
  4. Realize! (Instrumental)
  5. Mirai no Namae (ミライノナマエ Future Name?) (Instrumental)
  6. Waku Doki Shitai! (わくドキしたいっ!?) (Instrumental)

Feature members


I☆Ris Realize! Spot00:16

I☆Ris Realize! Spot

生「かしこま!」披露 アイドル声優ユニット「i☆Ris」がプリパラPR i☆Ris Japanese Idol01:22

生「かしこま!」披露 アイドル声優ユニット「i☆Ris」がプリパラPR i☆Ris Japanese Idol

I☆Ris 8thシングル「Realize!」コメント02:13

I☆Ris 8thシングル「Realize!」コメント

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