Album by Suzuki Sayaka
Released October 13, 2003
September 6, 2006 (Digital)
Format CD, digital
Length 20:23
Label Ace music, exp.
Producer Masuda Takeshi
Suzuki Sayaka Albums Chronology
Previous SWEET 1st Album (2003)
Next Shinobi -shinobi- 3rd Album (2004)
SMILE is the second album released by Suzuki Sayaka.


  1. Hikari (光; Light)
  2. SMILE
  3. Dear my friend
  4. Ame (飴; Candy)
  5. Soba (蕎麦; Buckwheat)
  6. Fushigi na Mahou (不思議な魔法; Wonderful Magic)
  7. Watashi no Hitomi wa Anata e to (私の瞳はあなたへと; My Eyes to You)
  8. DARK

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