Studio Album by Sana
Released March 20, 2002
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2002
Sana Albums Chronology
Previous Sana-mode
1st Album (2001)
Next Sana-mode II ~pop'n Music & beatmania moments~
3rd Album (2003)
Sanative is an album released by Sana. It was released on March 20, 2002. It contains longer tracks of songs appearing on Konami games.


  1. more deep (ver.3.7)
  2. La Bossanova de Sana (Pre Production Straight MIX)
  3. La Bossanova de Sana (Post Production Mitsuto Suzuki MIX)
  4. Let the Snow Paint Me
  5. Amai Yuutsu (甘いユウウツ )
  6. Miracle Moon ~お月様が中継局~ (L.E.D. STYLE MIX)
  7. Chasing the Clouds
  8. Hommage ~Omaju~ (Hommage ~オマージュ~ )
  9. Hommage ~オマージュ~(DIAMOND◇PROJECT MIX)
  10. 甘いユウウツ(2ND FUNK-TION remix)

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