Sea Loves You ~Kiss de Koroshite~
Sea loves you
Single by Ishikawa Hidemi
Native title Sea Loves You ~キッスで殺して~
Translation Sea Loves You ~Overwhelming Kiss~
Released July 17, 1985
Format EP Single
Ishikawa Hidemi Singles Chronology
Previous Anata to Happening
14th Single (1985)
Next Ai no Jumon
16th Single (1985)

Sea Loves You ~Kiss de Koroshite~ is Ishikawa Hidemi's fifteenth single.


  1. Sea Loves You ~Kiss de Koroshite~ (Sea Loves You ~キッスで殺して~; Sea Loves You ~Overwhelming Kiss~)
  2. Hachigatsu no Gypsy (八月のジプシー; August Gypsy)

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