Tomadoi no Shuumatsu
Tomadomi no shuumatsu
Single by Hori Chiemi
Native title とまどいの週末
Translation Weekend of Confusion
Released November 5, 1982
Format EP Single
Hori Chiemi Singles Chronology
Previous Machibouke
3rd Single (1982)
Next Sayonara no Monogatari
5th Single (1983)

Tomadoi no Shuumatsu is Hori Chiemi's fourth single.


  1. Tomadoi no Shuumatsu (とまどいの週末; Weekend of Confusion)
  2. Fly

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Hori Chiemi - Tomodai no Shuumatsu (Short Version)01:55

Hori Chiemi - Tomodai no Shuumatsu (Short Version)

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